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BuckeyeBBC Records Broken!

Congrats to our newest account manager Joe! After breaking a record and hitting promotion standards in 7 days, we see big things coming from him!
And just a month with our BuckeyeBBC Team he is already setting the pace and making moves towards his next promotion! Great job Joe!

BuckeyeBBC Office Manager Recognized at National Conference

Our very own office manager was recognized and awarded for all of her hard work at our National Conference this year! Congrats Erika!
Because of her excellent work our clients provided some extra fun and relaxation in New Orleans!  She got to stay in a swanky condo, dinner and water tour on a steam boat, and an air boat excursion! Check out the pics of all the fun:

BuckeyeBBC Account Managers Invited to National Conference

Congrats to Dan and Adrienne!  Because of their hard work, they were invited to join our management team and Team Leads in New Orleans for our National Conference!

They bring an awesome mentality, hunger to learn and grow, and a selflessness and desire to help others that is second to none!  Qualities like this are exactly what we look for in our management, we expect to see these two continue to excel!

BuckeyeBBC Contest Winner

We recently ran a contest, the winner receiving a $500 bonus! Congrats to Chance on winning that bonus!

Chance spending his morning session continuing to learn even after winning. Awesome desire to learn, grow, and develop himself. I see more promotions coming soon!

BuckeyeBBC's Newest Team Lead!

Starting with us as an intern still in school, our newest team lead, Austin has worked hard, continued to ask questions and learn everything he can from everyone around him! AND it looks like it paid off!
Austin brings an amazing student mentality, smile and desire to learn and grow and do it quickly! We are proud of what he has accomplished and excited to see his continued growth!

BuckeyeBBC Sean invited to top performers event

It only seems appropriate that our newest team lead would continue on the streak of excellence with an invitation to LA for some fun in the sun with other top performers from around the country! Check out some pics from the weekend: 
Group Shot

Bus Tour of Universal Studios (check out Sean taking awesome pics!)

Of course it wasn't just tours, awesome food and a trip to the beach! Sean spent an afternoon touring the new corporate head quarters and learn from those at the top of the industry. Not a shabby for the first day plus did we mention food!?!

BuckeyeBBC ranked number 1!

In July, numbers came in and BuckeyeBBC was on top! Our team had the highest production and quality for clients in the country!  If you ever wonder why our clients choose to work with us, our honesty, integrity and results are the very reason!  If feels good when the entire team is recognized for all of their hard work!  We are very proud of everyone!

BuckeyeBBC's Newest Team Lead!

We would like to officially congratulate Sean on his hard work! In just a few short months he has gone from an entry level rep on training, to account manager, to team lead!  We are excited for your future en devours and expect more from you Sean!

(Check out Sean leading our morning meeting!)

BuckeyeBBC Promotion

The big moves aren't stopping anytime soon from this one! 
Here we are again, bragging about Brad!  Congrats on the recent promotion to Assistant Management! We can't wait to see what other big things you bring to the table in the near future! Keep up the good work Brad!

BuckeyeBBC Expansion to Cleveland

We are moving' on up!  Literally, we are expanding into the Cleveland area! 

Congrats to Jeffrey on his recent promotion and opportunity to expand into a new market!  We want to wish he and his team the best of luck even though we know they won't need it! Congrats guys!

BuckeyeBBC Brad Named Top Rep!

Proud moment here at BuckeyeBBC!
Our very own Brad was named a top rep in the nation and had the opportunity to travel to LA to assist with corporate training for a new office! 
**Obviously the trip included some cool perks of travel to LA, site seeing, and some amazing food.
Congrats Brad! We are proud of you and all you have accomplished! I see a promotion coming soon!