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Buckeye BBC: Summer Internship With Emily

This summer Buckeye BBC was pleased to have Emily on board our team. She is very happy with the work she accomplished and agreed to share some of her thoughts on our internship program!Favorite part about your summer internship: My favorite part about my internship was having the opportunity to work in a fun and high energy office. There was never a dull moment and I was constantly learning something new to apply in the field and in life.
How it will help with your future or what you learned:

As a business major, everything I learned from the marketing/sales aspects and customer behavior to the professional and personal communication skills will continue to help me in my future academics and career. What you liked, didn’t like, recommend, would change, any advice:
I appreciate the hands-on training from day one and the independence that I gained with merit based accomplishments. Having the opportunity to train others once I reached a leadership position was also rewarding. As a new leader…

Buckeye BBC Records Broken!

Congrats to our newest account manager Joe! After breaking a record and hitting promotion standards in 7 days, we see big things coming from him!
And just a month with our Buckeye BBC Team he is already setting the pace and making moves towards his next promotion! Great job Joe!

Buckeye BBC Office Manager Recognized at National Conference

Our very own office manager was recognized and awarded for all of her hard work at our National Conference this year! Congrats Erika!
Because of her excellent work our clients provided some extra fun and relaxation in New Orleans!  She got to stay in a swanky condo, dinner and water tour on a steam boat, and an air boat excursion! Check out the pics of all the fun:

Buckeye BBC Account Managers Invited to National Conference

Congrats to Dan and Adrienne!  Because of their hard work, they were invited to join our management team and Team Leads in New Orleans for our National Conference!

They bring an awesome mentality, hunger to learn and grow, and a selflessness and desire to help others that is second to none!  Qualities like this are exactly what we look for in our management, we expect to see these two continue to excel!