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BuckeyeBBC Sean invited to top performers event

It only seems appropriate that our newest team lead would continue on the streak of excellence with an invitation to LA for some fun in the sun with other top performers from around the country! Check out some pics from the weekend: 

Group Shot

Bus Tour of Universal Studios (check out Sean taking awesome pics!)

Of course it wasn't just tours, awesome food and a trip to the beach! Sean spent an afternoon touring the new corporate head quarters and learn from those at the top of the industry. Not a shabby for the first day plus did we mention food!?!


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BuckeyeBBC Office Manager Recognized at National Conference

Our very own office manager was recognized and awarded for all of her hard work at our National Conference this year! Congrats Erika!
Because of her excellent work our clients provided some extra fun and relaxation in New Orleans!  She got to stay in a swanky condo, dinner and water tour on a steam boat, and an air boat excursion! Check out the pics of all the fun:

Buckeye BBC: Meet our President

Name:Rick Knutsen
Hometown: Martins Ferry Ohio
What key factors have contributed to your personal and professional success as an entrepreneur? Failing.I have failed more times than the average person and I feel like that helps me be successful.
Obviously, we all make mistakes… what is the most valuable “mistake” lesson you have learned? I use to have a difficult time listening to my coaches.I always wanted to find a better way of doing things and I have finally realized that I should just listen to them.
What are you passionate about? What do you like to do? I am passionate about helping others reach their goals.I am a big believer in the more people I help reach their goal the more successful I will be.
What key aspects of your daily routine drive your personal and professional success? Work ethic. I simply out work the competition.
What aspects of your own personal leadership are you continuing to develop and work on? Currently I am reading “Whale Done” by Kenneth Blanchard.It’s about th…

Buckeye BBC Spotlight: Erika Fuge

Hometown: Spencerville, OH
School/Major: THE Ohio State University / Material Science and Engineering
Fun Fact:  I adopted a puggle named Macy Biggest Strength: Friendliness and Relatibility  
Hobbies: taking my dogs to the dog park, hanging out with family, eating delicious food!
Never Leave the House Without: phone

Favorite Long Term Goal: opening a dog reserve
Quick Answer Time! Mountains or Beach Beach
Coffee or Tea or Energy Drink Coffee
Winter or Summer Summer
Water or Snow (ski/boarding) Water
I’d like to thank… Rick for the opportunity and support in my career